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Grants Update and More Thanks!

June 25, 2010

First of all, thanks again to all who participated in the Kroger Community Rewards Sign-Up, the Walk-a-Thon, and the White Elephant Sale.  Your commitment made these events a success, and they show how much parishioners and others care about keeping Holy Rosary/St. John Church moving forward!  THANK YOU!

Second, I wanted to share a grants update.  Since our newsletter was published in December, in which we thanked all the foundations who had donated through the end of 2009, Holy Rosary/St. John has received the following nine grants during the first six months of 2010:

  • Catholic Diocese of Columbus Black and Indian Grant for $6,000;

  • Catholic Foundation Angelo George Fund for $4,000;

  • Catholic Foundation Challenge in Changing Times Capital Grant for $33,900;

  • Catholic Foundation Challenge in Changing Times Evangelization Grant for $4,150;

  • Catholic Foundation Challenge in Changing Times Senior Grant for $4,500;

  • City of Columbus Department of Public Health for $200;

  • Koch Foundation for $10,000;

  • Marian Foundation for $5,000; and

  • Raskob Foundation for $10,000.

Thanks to all of these foundations for $77,750 worth of support!

During the first half of 2010 (or most of the first half – through June 25th), we applied for 19 grants.  Of those 19, nine were approved, two were rejected, and eight are still pending.  Please continue to keep our grants and fundraising work in your prayers!


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