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Supporting Holy Rosary/St. John

December 10, 2014

We realize that at this time of year most people are overwhelmed by requests for support, but if you are making a year-end gift, please consider what a big difference year-end donations make to a small parish like Holy Rosary/St. John.  

Our year-end donations last year allowed us to replace a failing heating and cooling system in the St. John Center, the community center that houses the St. John Food Pantry, our Parish School of Religion and our “related organizations” the Community Kitchen and the St. John Learning Center (the latter two now separate organizations but that still collaborate with us and reside in the St. John Center).  We had been trying to raise the money to replace that system for two years, leaving staff and volunteers to work in a facility that was hard to keep warm enough in the winter and equally hard to keep cool in the summer.  Our year-end appeal brought in enough extra funding that we were finally able to give everyone some relief and replace that old HVAC system.

So, please consider a year-end gift this year to help us continue our work.  You can donate online or mail a check to Holy Rosary/St. John Church, 648 South Ohio Avenue, Columbus, OH 43205.

Donate here:

Read our year-end appeal here with more details on all that goes on at HRSJ:

If you’re shopping for Christmas, why not learn how to support HRSJ while you shop:

Thank you for your support!

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